How to create your own hanging wall gardens

Introducing Meadow, a range of gorgeous artificial plant panels and more to help you create your own easy-to-maintain green paradise!

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Create the spirit of togetherness this Ramadan

As we get set for another Ramadan where home plays the central role, how do we ensure the holy month in 2021 is distinct and meaningful?

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6 must-haves for a cosy winter at home

Plus a few more suggestions for fun in your backyard and the park! Here’s everything to keep you, and your surroundings, toasty. 

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The ultimate furniture buying guide 2020

Armed with knowledge, furniture shopping can be a fun and exciting process. Let us discuss the basics you need to know.

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9 top tips for White Wednesday shopping

Shopping regret is real! Our handy hints will help you make the right decisions on what to buy, when to buy and how to not miss anything.

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