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Craft a Cosy Haven: Choose the Perfect Beds, Mattresses & Sleep Essentials

Sound sleep is now often acknowledged as one of the major pillars of good health. With sleep tracking devices, meditation apps and so many other ways to ensure eight solid hours of shut-eye are possible for everyone - we’re here to tell you just how much your sleep environment matters!

A restful, restorative night of sleep keeps you feeling fresh, energetic, and productive the next day, and it all starts with the right beds and mattresses.

So, follow that circadian rhythm, block out the light and make sure you build the best possible atmosphere for a cosy, calm night of sleep.

Beds: At the Heart of your Sleep Experience

Where do we even begin? A bed is not something you buy very often - so invest in one that lasts long, and gives you years of dependable, durable comfort.

From simple, modern and streamlined styles to more elaborate designs with all the bells and whistles - choose a bed that reflects how much time you spend on it. Strike a good balance between form and function so you don’t have to choose one over the other.

Fabric beds are the ultimate in looks and comfort - with soft edges and rounded corners, these upholstered beds are pleasing to the eye and inviting to the touch. For kids and teens who like to express their personality, we have unique shaped kids’ beds that stand out and become the pride and joy of their room.

But that’s not all. A good old-fashioned solid wood bed is just as popular today and a classic purchase that will never go out of style.

Meet your Dream Mattress:

The firmness and springiness of your mattress is key to how well you sleep. Whether you are a toss-and-turner or find yourself waking up in exactly the same position you slept in; whether you sleep on your back, belly or keep switching sides; and whether you sleep by yourself or share your bed with a partner, there is a perfect mattress out there to suit you and we’ll help you find it!

Choose from soft and medium firm mattresses to completely firm styles that offer the maximum resistance but keep your spine straight as a rod. Our range of mattresses from pocket spring to bonnell spring offer different levels of balance, flexibility, and are at different price points so every budget and bed size is covered. Find the one that gives you the best. 

Fitted Sheets that fit your life

You would think the colour of your bed sheet is not a big deal. But it is! Colours set the tone of your room, and soothing hues maximise restfulness while bright ones bring in energetic vibes. The best colours for comfortable sleep are blue, green, pink, lavender, and grey - choose the lighter and pastel-leaning versions of these colours to enhance feelings of serenity.

Pick out natural fabrics such as cotton, silk and satin that feel luxurious against your skin and if you’re expecting guests, choose easy-to-maintain synthetic styles with bright patterns full of personality. For a neater, luxurious hotel-style look fitted sheets are the way to go, and flat sheets are great for a more casual vibe.

Beyond the thermostat: getting sleep temperature right

It’s not just the temperature of your room that dictates sleep quality. Regulating your body temperature is about ensuring you pull on suitable coverings in keeping with your needs - from thinner sheets to thicker quilts, to convenient comforters, what you tuck yourself into can make or break a proper night of sleep.

Get comfy with comforters

Comforters are a great way to stay warm, and add an instant dash of finesse to your bed. This luxurious bedding option can also be made budget-friendly with the choice of fabrics - cotton is a better choice than jacquard in this regard. And since there is no filling to be put into a duvet cover, they work out to be convenient to change up as well. So, check the material that you are looking for, and don’t be afraid to switch things up once in a while, based on mood, season and the overall look you are going for. Go for comforter sets instead of single units to take the best advantage of bulk discounts.

Five ways to sleep better!
We’ve found that doing these things can make a big difference to getting in your best sleep ever.

1.Switch off your smartphones: Get off social media, move away from TV screens and any other electronic devices at least an hour before bedtime. They reduce distraction and should be the first step of your bedtime ritual.

2.No caffeine at night: Avoid consuming caffeine in the second half of the day, especially if you are sensitive to it! This can often disrupt sleep and cause delayed onset of deep slumber.

3.Use a white noise device or mobile app: This becomes handy if you sleep in an environment that tends to be noisy late into the night.

4.Maintain a regular sleep schedule: Ensure that just like you have a fixed wake-up time, you also maintain a fixed sleep time.

5.Shop at HomeBox!: Find pretty much everything you need to sleep cosy - a wide selection of beds and mattresses, as well as the bedding to suit every season, every bedroom style and every mood. Happy sleeping!