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Design Your Dream Garden

You don't always need to visit a forest to soak in nature. Your backyard or balcony can do just that!

Welcome to the ultimate outdoor adventure, where we'll unravel the secrets to your dream garden - your personal oasis. 

Learn major tips, tricks & inspiration to transform your patio or balcony into your comfort zone. This includes ordering the right furniture, taking care of it, and more.

You must be wondering: How is outdoor furniture different from indoor options? 

Indoors, we prefer softer stuff. Cosy but fragile, prone to harm from neglect or wear. Outdoors, furniture is tougher, built to last and handle rougher treatment. Plus, we usually have limited space outdoors. 


Assess Your Outdoor Space

Measure the Available Space - Grab a measuring tape and measure your outdoor area to know the exact size and prevent overcrowding or underutilisation. This step sets the foundation for your outdoor design journey. 

Identify Usage Goals - Is it a sanctuary for relaxation, a dining area for family gatherings, or a hosting space for garden parties? Identifying your usage goals will help you choose the right pieces, ensuring comfort and functionality. For example, a nice outdoor dining set makes sense only if you host parties & dinners regularly. 

Pro Tip: Opt for Foldable Furniture - If space is limited or you'd like some flexibility, folding chairs & tables are a great choice. 


Explore Garden Furniture Options

  1. Rattan Furniture 

Rattan furniture online

A chic and eco-friendly choice taking the world of outdoor decor by storm! What makes rattan shine is its strength. It stands tall against the sun, wind, rain, and even snow, perfect for unpredictable climates like the GCC. Maintenance is a snap – just wipe with soapy water to remove stains.

Rattan tables & other options last long and are easy to move around. It's a smart choice for an inviting outdoor space. 

  1. Plastic Furniture 

Plastic furniture online

Highly affordable, shiny new plastic chairs save you from maintenance hassles. Plastic doesn't rust, doesn't demand paint jobs, and scoffs at stains, scrapes, and fading. Spills? No sweat. A simple wipe with a soft cloth and you're good to go.  

Compared to wood or metal, plastic chairs are feather-light. Moving them around for instant makeovers is a breeze. 

Perfect indoors and outdoors, at home or in the office, for kids' corners or anywhere else - plastic chairs come in a palette of colours, so matching them with your outdoor setup is a snap.  


  1. Wooden Furniture

Wooden furniture online

If you're aiming for that classic, enduring charm in your outdoor space – look no further.

Crafted to withstand the test of time, wood infuses your outdoor area with cosy vibes and is a long-term companion with proper care. 

The best part? High-quality wooden pieces are pre-oiled and finished, making maintenance a breeze. Wooden furniture is a versatile fit for gardens of all sizes! Home Box brings you several wooden dining sets for outdoor spaces. 

  1. Metal Furniture 

Metal furniture online

Furniture made of stainless steel or aluminium is super-tough and will last a long time outdoors. It doesn't rust because it doesn't have iron. It forms a strong layer to protect itself from damage when it gets wet.

Metal furniture isn't boring! Designers bend it and put it together in many cool ways. You can find metal chairs like egg chairs or comfy benches that make your garden look amazing. 

But, it can get really hot in the sun and not be very comfy on those scorching days. Also, aluminum is strong and doesn't rust, but iron can rust. So, you need to take care of it to keep it looking good. By the way, have you checked our metal racks yet?


Keep it Within Your Budget

outdoor sofas

Once you identify what your patio will function as, note down what you need. If you want to turn it into a space for gatherings, ensure there is enough seating and a side table. 

Based on the list of essentials, set a budget only for your outdoor needs. This way, you won’t spend more than what you should. 

At Home Box, we offer fab discounts during Garden Fest. During this shopping festival, you get all your outdoor furniture needs in one go and at the lowest prices. 


Storage & Maintenance

Fold it up: If your furniture's got wheels or folds up, do yourself a favour and bring it indoors when it's not in action. Easy-peasy!

Bring cushions inside: If your stuff’s heavy but you're still feeling the love, scoop up the cushions and bring them inside. They'll appreciate the shelter, trust us. Wash them if they’ve got stains. Your outdoor sofa sets also look fresher when you place washed cushions on them

Be a cleaning champ: Grab your vacuum with a dust-brush attachment and give your plastic and wood pieces a good once-over. Got stubborn stains? Mix up dish soap and warm water, and go to town. Slather on some sealant to give wooden furniture extra life. It's like sunscreen for your chairs and tables.


Make it More Functional 

  1. Make it kid-friendly if you or your guests have kids. Think durable, easy-to-clean and safe furniture. And maybe some tiny play zones.

  2. Balance out sun and shade. An umbrella or pergola can turn your patio into an all-day hangout.

  3. If you work from home, create a sweet outdoor office space! Fresh air and a change of scenery can do wonders for productivity. 

  4. Think about maximising balcony space. Use minimalistic furniture pieces and decor essentials - walls and railings, attach slats and modular bamboo racks. 


Give Your Outdoor Space a Personal Touch

Accessorise with comfy cushions, sofa accessories, gazebos for extra oomph, or a mini fountain to set the mood. These can turn your garden into a cosy haven for relaxation and entertainment.

Artificial plants & flowers blend seamlessly with outdoor decor and need little to no maintenance. Pop them in decorative pots and planters or just add grass tiles.

Don't forget lighting to create an enchanting atmosphere. Mix and match modern lanterns, whimsical string lights, and chic pendant lights. 

Artificial flowers & plants


The Bottom Line: 

Let your outdoor space reflect your style, be a stage for unforgettable moments, and an open invitation to the magic of outdoor living.

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