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4 essentials you need for your home this Ramadan

The holy month will soon be upon us, bringing with us a time for reflection, prayer and togetherness. As we prepare to welcome this time, here’s a quick checklist of essentials you need.


Ramadan decor

Before Ramadan begins, make sure you have it all in place:

1. Tea sets and drinkware sets

You’re sure to be parched by Iftar. In fact, you will need more fluids to make for what you’ve lost during the hours of fasting. Keep at least two sets of glasses handy - that way if you have company, as so many of us do at this time, you won’t run out of clean ones. Gold embossed sets particularly will be good to hand around when you have guests. And you can keep colourful plastic ones for the kids to sip from.


Beverage dispenser for iftar drinks


Prepare traditional drinks like tamar-hindi, ark sous or fruits juices and store them in these drink dispensers so your friends and family can replenish themselves whenever they want. And don’t forget these tea or coffee sets for that steaming cup after you’ve eaten your fill.

2. Lanterns and candle holders

The use of lanterns in Ramadan dates back centuries. Today, they are synonymous with the holy month. Take your pick from ornate, extremely ornate or simple choices. You can even choose to mix and match, particularly gold with different colours. We also love lanterns with LED lights you can flip on to cast a pretty glow.


Ramadan lantern arangements


Ramadan is also when you bring out the prettiest candle holders, and this year, mosaic and hammered gold or silver are very popular. Pretty branch holders are perfect to place as centerpieces for your coffee or iftar table, or indeed your console.

3. Dining table set

As we’ve discussed before, Ramadan is when you have people over. If you’ve been managing with a smaller dining set, you might want to consider upgrading to a bigger dining table that can accommodate more people. This 8-seater dining table set is part of our limited-edition Ramadan collection, but we have plenty of other dining sets as well.


Larger dining table set for Iftar


4. Cushions

To add a quick refresh to your living room, we have three recommendations for you - calligraphy, calligraphy and calligraphy! Seriously though, these cushions fill your home with the message of love and caring, and what could be better than that for Ramadan? There’s a whole selection of decorative (read blingy) cushions as well – medallion cushions for instance, have enjoyed a bit of a moment of late. 


Calligraphy cushions


Ramadan Kareem and happy redecorating!