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How to get your living room ready for summer

Summer is when we spend a lot of time indoors, so why not create a fabulous experience right at home? Today, let’s talk about the space where we spend the most of our time relaxing and entertaining: the living room.

1. A place to laze


pastel summer sofa


If you want your living room to look and feel inviting, then you need a comfy couch at the heart of it. The plusher the better. And to get that summery feeling pick a sofa in pastel colours or update your neutral sofa with pastel, floral or other summery cushions. Daybeds are also a great option for summer lazing…

2. Set up your TV nook


TV unit for summer bingewatching


More time indoors equals more time binge-watching your favourite shows. Make sure your TV area is up to the task, because you’re going to be seeing it a loooot. Review how much media you have and pick a TV unit accordingly. You can even find one that allows you to display and store your favourite books and décor objects.

3. Make room for snacks


Coffee table


You’ll agree that your favourite TV show takes on more flavour with a bowl of your favourite snacks on hand. And there’s something heartwarming about curling up on a sofa with a book and a cup of tea. Enter coffee tables and end tables. Stock up on coasters, mats and paper towels too.

4. Put your feet up


Soft blue ottoman


This one’s a no brainer - get really comfy by placing an ottoman next to your sofa or armchair. Binge-watching can be tiring!

5. Snuggle with up with a throw


Throw for living room sofa


If you’ve really cranked up that AC, then make sure your couch is supplied with light throws for when it gets a bit chilly. Bonus: pick the right design and it will make a great design feature.

6. Add some fresh scents


Fresh summer home fragrances


This is really, really important to get that summery feeling. It is absolutely crucial to keep your air fresh since you will be spending so much time indoors. Candles can add heat, so we suggest room sprays and diffusers in scents that evoke summer, such as vanilla, ocean spray and lime.