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Create the spirit of togetherness this Ramadan

As we get set for another socially distanced Ramadan where home once again plays the central role, our focus is on making sure the holy month in 2021 is distinct and meaningful. Three new Ramadan collections of décor and serveware will elevate your plans, while our furniture range will help you infuse new life into the main spaces of the season.

Bedroom Ramadan collection


Go traditional with the Mashrabiya collection

Inspired by traditional architectural features, this collection features delicate latticework in arabesque patterns. The Mashrabiya Ramadan collection unites the purity of white with the radiance of gold. Decorate your living room with accents like cushions, lanterns and candle holders.


Mashrabiya Ramadan collection Home Box


Prepping for Iftar? There’s enough serveware for a grand feast, including a dinner set, soup set, tea sets and more.

Pay homage to the desert with the Oasis range

This Ramadan collection from Home Box celebrates the natural flora and fauna of the region, such as palm trees, camels, horses and mirages. These Oasis motifs are cleverly used in cushions, figurines, candle holders & more by employing digital prints, beadwork and sumptuous fabrics.


Ramadan Oasis Collection from Home Box


One highlight of the collection is the Miraj range of rugs, that resemble beautiful antique rugs common to the region.


Make a statement with the Calligraphy edit

Nothing captures the spirit of the holy month so much as the right words – in this case, showcased using the most beautiful calligraphy. The Ramadan Calligraphy collection from Home Box includes cushions, serveware and drinkware. Like the Mashrabiya collection, the colour palette is predominately gold, but the overall look and feel is quite distinct. One of the main highlights of this collection are the drink dispensers and juice jars, which will be perfect for that refreshing first sip come Iftar time.


Ramadan Calligraphy collection from Home Box


We also have a set of digital printed Calligraphy cushions in vibrant shades. The Farfasha range brings a modern vibe to your space, while still celebrating timeless values.


Together in spirit

Whether it’s spending lots of time with your family or making zoom calls with your wider circle, the surroundings have never mattered more. Which is why if you’ve been thinking of a new sofa set, this is the perfect time to upgrade. Our Ramadan furniture collection for the living room includes plush velvet finished sofas and armchairs in rich jewel tones, specially crafted little tables perfect for displaying your Ramadan lanterns and a whole lot more.


Ramadan living room collection


Dining becomes more sumptuous

Eating on the couch watching TV is a lot of fun, but come Ramadan, we love to sit down to Iftar or Suhoor in style. Your dining room deserves a makeover to celebrate the generosity and spirit of giving that marks this month. While the focus tends to be on serveware, why not use this opportunity to make your entire dining area shine?

Plush dining room with velvet chairs for Ramadan


Cooking a big spread? Then you really need a sideboard or buffet to keep additional serveware, cutlery and so on.

But that’s not all. As a time of reflection and renewal we can think of a hundred ways in which to improve and perfect our spaces in time for the holy month. Do check out our entire Ramadan collection which has been conveniently organised room by room for you and divided into furniture and homeware sections. Happy shopping!