7 reasons to shop at Home Box

affordable bedroom set

Let’s talk about real value and break the myth that new furniture is expensive.

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5 smart storage ideas for small spaces

Running out of storage space? Never fear. These storage tips, tricks and product recommendations will help you get better organised. 

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How to get ready for Iftar

Here’s a quick checklist of kitchen and dining essentials you need to play the perfect host this year.

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How to set up a bedroom under AED 1,200!

Trying to do up your space on a budget? We’ve handpicked these products to help you do just that!

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Tips for choosing the perfect mattress

thick mattress on bed with cushions on top

Counting sheep to sleep? There’s got to be an easier way. We’ll help you pick the right mattress, for starters! 

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6 kitchen tools for easy-peasy cooking

Kitchen gadgets for cooking prep

These handy gadgets will reduce your prep time and effort. You can thank us later!                                                    

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4 things to know when choosing a sofa

Living room with light blue sofa set

Sofa, so confused? We've got some thoughts on colours, material and size that you may want to consider before getting yours.

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