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7 reasons to shop at Home Box

Thinking of buying used furniture? Sure, you may get a bargain or two, but we’re here to break the myth that shopping second hand furniture is smarter than buying new products.

1. New products are cleaner and more hygienic


Clean new mattress


Particularly mattresses! If you’re anything like us, lying on a used mattress will give you sleepless nights. Same thing with second hand sofas and dining chairs, we’re not sure what pests are likely to lurk in there, particularly in cities with bedbug and cockroach issues. And of course, cooking or eating in hand-me-down cookware and china is unthinkable. Home Box in fact offers an affordable full kitchen package.

2. The costs are the same or better

Don’t forget, Home Box is a budget brand. That means you get some really affordable mattresses, sofas, beds and dining sets, comparable to prices of used beds and sofas for sale. (Do click on the links, prices really are low!) You can also buy bedroom sets that include beds, wardrobes, night stands and dressers or sofa sets consisting of 1-seater, 2-seater and 3-seater sofas. The advantage is you get it at one go, at one affordable price in co-ordinated styles.


Bedroom set


We also offer clever packages that combine home essentials – the 17-piece package, 1 bed apartment package, the basic bachelor package, home office package and so on. You may in fact find that it works out cheaper than shopping from used furniture stores.

3. You get a ‘lowest price’ guarantee

What does this mean? Basically, if you find a lower price on the same furniture within 2 days of purchase, we'll match the price and give you a voucher of up to AED/SAR 1,000 or BHD 100 for the difference! You can read more about it along with our other Promise Plus assurances.

4. Quality is assured by warranties


dining set with warranty


This can vary from 2-10 years, depending on the product, so check your product information as you buy or give us a call. In any case, don’t forget that with second-hand goods, you get no assurances of any sort!

5. You get convenient delivery and free assembly

When you buy used furniture, your seller most likely won’t be able to deliver or assemble your furniture. Most apartment lifts won’t accommodate large pieces. And even if you get stuff dismantled, reassembling is a pain. When you shop from Home Box, you enjoy free delivery (depending on your order value) and assembly – our expert staff will have everything fixed before you can say ‘powertools’!


free assembly


6. You can trial mattresses for 14 days

Finding the right mattress can be hard, no pun intended – everyone’s needs differ (check our blog on mattresses for more). That’s why Home Box allows you to try out certain mattresses at home and return them to our store within 14 days. You can learn more about our mattress trial here.


7. You can return products and get refunds

That’s right. Of course, we do have a returns policy so you can’t return some things, but generally if a product has a defect, we’ll take it back. Same with furniture that hasn’t been assembled or a lot of stuff that’s in unopened packaging. But with second hand home products, once you get it, you’re stuck with it.


brown leather sofa


Ultimately, whether you opt for new or used furniture and mattresses, the important thing is to consider every factor and do your research before you make a decision.