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5 ways to add turquoise in your home

If you’re looking for instant sophistication, turquoise is your best bet. This colour has been huge in interior décor circles for the last few years. We remember some lovely distressed turquoise cabinets that were all over the internet a while back, but how do we do turquoise in 2019? Well, read on - we’ve got some cool ideas up our sleeve.  


1. Go bold with a turquoise sofa


Plus blue turquoise sofa

This is for folks who really want to commit to turquoise, using it to set the tone of the entire room, rather than having it as an accent colour. To work this look, pick your preferred shade of turquoise sofa – deep, pale or a pop version. Thinking of getting the full set with a 3, 2 and single seater? This might be a hard look to pull off, so we suggest getting your largest sofa in this hue and your smaller sofas in neutrals. Of course, you can make a full-on turquoise set work in a larger space.

If you like your décor on the adventurous side, you can introduce a third colour such as purple, chartreuse green or chocolate brown into your décor. Or try metallic accents, both gold and silver go with turquoise.   

2. Treat it like a pop colour with accent furniture

That’s right. Get a turquoise statement piece that adds drama but does not overshadow the rest of the décor. Try a pair of turquoise ottomans or a baroque bench. This works best if the rest of your décor has minimal turquoise elements.    

3. Add texture with fabrics in turquoise   


Turquoise medallion print cushion

Don’t want to go all out? Pick some pretty cushions in turquoise. (We love these ones with medallion prints). That way, when you’re bored, all you need to do is change your cushions and voila, you have a completely new look ready. If you’ve already decided that turquoise is going to play a big role in your décor, try curtains or a rug. You could go plain or patterned depending on the rest of your décor.

Paler versions of turquoise are really restful, making it perfect for your bedroom. You can incorporate it either through a plain or patterned comforter set.

4. Turquoise décor is oh-so-pretty!  

Imagine the prettiest translucent turquoise glass hanging lamp or turquoise candles, artfully placed around your space. They’ll play up the colours of your turquoise furniture or furnishings. You could also highlight this colour through wall art. 

5. Paint an accent wall in turquoise

This may not be easy in a rental, but if your landlord gives you the green signal (or turquoise signal in this case!) you could paint an entire wall turquoise. Preferably, you should pick your largest living room wall, one that has an uninterrupted expanse of space. If it faces your front door, so much the better, as it will then be the first thing your guests see when they walk in.


Turquoise statement wall

Add décor accents in contrasting colours – we think an ornate or metallic wall mirror will work particularly well on an accent wall.

Don’t forget, if you’re planning to have multiple turquoise elements in your space, you must ensure that they’re all the same shade of turquoise – or the closest you can get. This will make your space look more pulled together. We suggest you take your time and do your research, curating and replacing elements till it all comes together. Creating the perfect look takes time, love and much experimenting, but that’s half the fun, don’t you agree?