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How to create your own hanging wall gardens

Garden with artificial plants on trellis

Home Box is proud to bring you the Meadow range of realistic artificial garden solutions. Produced with more than ten years of product development and manufacturing experience, these industry-leading artificial green wall products are designed to meet the the highest laboratory test standards.

Many ways to brighten up your space

The Meadow range includes artificial hedge mats, artificial vertical gardens, fences and topiary. You can choose between foliage options like boxwood, eucalyptus, willow, ivy and more. There are even options that include flowers like Jasmine.


Artificial green climber on a metal frame

What can you do with the Meadow range? Plenty! You can turn an entire wall ‘green’, or a part of it; you can transform a small section of the wall into a work of art; or you can create a hedge or a fence to separate spaces. There’s literally nothing you can’t achieve with a little imagination.

Green products that are really green!

These garden solutions are known for their environmentally friendly features and have won numerous certifications such as RoHS, Reach and PAHs. The material used for the artificial plants is 100% recyclable and non-toxic as it is lead and heavy-metal free.

Realistic pink artificial flowers

Attractive design, stunning features

Over and above being environmentally friendly, Meadow is flame retardant, has anti-UV properties and requires no maintenance unlike real gardens. Put it up once and breathe easy!

Flame retardant UV protection certifications

Quick installation means instant love

The Meadow range is designed for easy DIY installation and comes with detailed instructions. First, measure your space and buy the number of panels you need accordingly. Then, connect them using Meadow’s easy snap-to-lock system. 

Lush green artificial plant panel used like art


Next comes attaching the panels to the surface. The process changes slightly depending on the surface, and is explained step by step in the guide. Fortunately, you will only need basic household tools like scissors and plastic ties or at the most a drill or staple gun.

Sounds easy-peasy? It really is! Go ahead and try it for yourself. Install the Meadow range at your home, office or on your balcony or backyard and enjoy nature minus the hassle.