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The ultimate mattress buying guide for 2020

We know you change your sheets and pillowcases regularly, but did you know that mattresses also need to be changed regularly?

Mattress buying guide

Fortunately, with good care, mattresses can last over 10 years, though there are a few rare ones that last even longer. If you see sags and dips it’s time to change, as your comfort and sleep will be compromised. Also, over time, dust mites and other allergens may settle on your mattress.

But before you make this slightly large (literally!) commitment, here are a few useful tips to help you out.

1. What mattress sizes are available?

There are generally 4 or 5 sizes available, with a few variations in different regions.


Different mattress sizes


What you pick depends on your needs:

- How much space do you have available?

- Will you need to share the bedroom? You can opt a queen or a king, or even two singles.  

- What about kids? A single for a shared room, or a twin bed for a solo room works fine.

- For guest rooms, a twin or a queen-sized bed usually works well.

- If you need additional luxury, pick a super king-sized mattress.

Sofa bed mattresses are usually custom.


2. What are the different types of mattresses?


Most mattresses are layered, where supportive material is topped with foam and soft fabric. The thickness of each layers varies.

Here are the some of common supportive materials:

Bonnell springs

- Consists of a series of springs tied together within a frame

- Offers even weight distribution across the entire bed

- Maintains shape when the sleeper moves

- Affordable

Pocket springs

- Consists of individually arranged coils in separate pockets of fabric

- The springs move separately for localized movement

- Your movement does not affect your partner

- Luxurious

Memory foam

- Designed to mould to the body

- Remembers and retains shape as you sleep

- Prevents pressure from building up at any point in your body

- Offers superior comfort


- Comes in a choice of polyfoam or latex foam

- Polyfoam is available in different densities 

- Latex foam is more eco-friendly

- Is cooler than other mattress materials


3. How does your sleeping position affect your choice?

How much pressure you place on your body varies from position to position. Pick a mattress that will offer you the best support:


Mattresses for side sleepers, back sleepers and stomach sleepers


4. What are some special features you can consider?

Mattresses today are designed to cater to a variety of needs.

Memory foam

- Changes shape to mould to the body and springs back later

- Remembers and retains shape as you sleep

- Absorbs body weight and prevents pressure from building up at any point


- Offers superior support

- Ideal for older sleepers and those suffering from back pain.

- Comes in a combination of memory foam and springs for support and cushioning



- Constructed to reduce the effects of dust mites and mold

- Fights the growth of bacteria

- Ingredients like Aloe Vera have a soothing and calming effect



- Easy to carry, unpack and install

- Can be placed on the bed and unrolled easily


We’ve spoken in detail about mattresses in an earlier blogpost, Tips for choosing the perfect mattress. It talks about ideal mattress firmness, thickness, the advantages of memory foam and more, so check it out if you’d like to know more.