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Just in: 4 stunning collections for Ramadan

This time of the year, it is customary to spruce up your interiors to create a feeling of freshness and renewal. Whether your taste runs to the glamorous or the rustic, the contemporary or the classic, these collections will have you covered. 


velvet sofa in classic blue and gold accents


1. Gold & Glam


Go big or go home! Unless of course, you’re already home ;) This look is all about the 20s – the 1920s, famously an era of all-out glitz – and it screams lavish decadence, but with an updated, contemporary touch. The main elements of the Gold & Glam collection include luxurious velvet upholstery in the 2020 colour of the year, Classic Blue.


glam gold Ramadan decor with velvet sofas


Millennial blush and a pastel mint are two other signature colours. The glam is amplified by carefully chosen gold accessories and décor. On the more traditional end, our Marrakesh inspired motifs on cushion, lanterns and décor keep the spirit of the season alive.


2. Scandi Chic

Scandinavian industrial chic decor


This collection pays homage to the clean lines and minimalism of Nordic design, but with a lot of fun and colour thrown in. Think iconic bucket shaped chairs, sleek mid-century styling, simple metal detailing and more. Scandinavian style is a philosophy as much as it is a look, so it’s perfect for people who love their décor functional but sleek.


3. Classic Luxury

Rustic wood with french classic influences


You love a touch of the vintage. Curved furniture legs get you excited. You think white wooden furniture is the ultimate. Then this is the décor style for you.  Wondering how to nail this look in 2020 without making your home look dated? Mix your classic pieces with simpler, sleeker pieces or monochrome décor.


4. Mirror Magic

Grey and chrome decor


There’s nothing more modern than gleaming chrome. Our Ramadan edit takes this cutting-edge material and fashions it to be softer and cosier through accents, while retaining its brilliance.


Modern décor is all about mixing and matching different styles. If your furniture is opulent, try more minimalist décor. If you’ve opted for modern styles with muted colours, throw in some gold & glam accessories or chrome accent furniture. Find a style that is true to your personality and have fun! For more Ramadan shopping and inspiration, do check out our collection in detail.