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5 ways to add gold to your home

You know what adds luxury to your home? It’s Gold!

Have you ever heard someone say “that’s gold” or “heart of gold” or “as good as gold”? Well that’s because gold is awesome. It reflects rarity, value, wealth and significance. Want to have these qualities in your home? Bring in gold!


Bedroom with gold decor accents


1. Be selective with your choices

Keep in mind that gold is a dominant colour. you have to be careful while choosing the pieces you’d like to use so that it looks classy and tasteful. It’s a common misconception that luxury comes with a huge price tag but that’s not entirely true. You can absolutely make your home seem and feel wealthy and stay within budget.

2. Highlight and blend in your room


Lamp with golden accents


So picture this – a room with mainly two colours: Grey and white; beige and white; or blue and beige. It’s pleasant, calm and easy on the eye but it could be slightly boring (try not to get offended if this is your current room). It simply lacks a spark. Quick fix? Add the Opera Metallic Mirror by your dresser instead of just a neutral one to highlight the centre of the area. Or if you want a simpler design or one with a more urban appeal, you can choose the Industrial Round Frame or the Quad Square Mirror which are subtle but still have a lot of character. Now bring in a rug and a table lamp, both in golden hues to link things up a bit. Here are some classy and affordable options: Jason Textured Rug, Lexus Stain Resistant Rug (available in two sizes) and Lexis Plush Rug. For table lamps, these options will work really well with the look you are going for: Ghub Table Lamp or the Clio Table Lamp. Even if your bedroom consists of bright colours like red or orange, golden accessories will give it a bohemian appeal.

3. Create movement in your living room


Chandelier with gold accents


Now let’s move to the next room, the living room. The idea is pretty much the same and here are the pieces that will make your space look more luxurious and warm for your guests and your loved ones and also give that feeling of depth: Breeze Textured Curtain, Alton Brushed Curtain Rod and MAURA or Emily polyester tassels. There are gorgeous coffee tables and trolleys in gold and the style is pretty unique. Take a look at Carlton Coffee Table, Carlton End Table, or the Tanvy Trolley. And for the final touch, go for PYXIS Ceiling Lamp, DRACO Ceiling Lamp or the Royale Decorative Chandelier. You can also add or opt for a floor lamp and these are the ones you’ll love: Ghub Floor Lamp or the AMARA Floor Lamp.

4. Accessorize your bathroom

Now we move to the bathroom. Yes, the bathroom can look royal too. A few simple things make all the difference, like the Tamara 4-Piece Bathroom Set or Rim 2-Piece Set. There’s also the Orion Printed Tissue Box because you’ll definitely need that. For the towels, you can get the Air Rich Bath Towel, Air Rich Hand Towel and the Air Rich Face Towels.

5. Have a theme

You may want a separate theme or story for each area but it’s also nice to stick to one look. Maybe you like the modern look or a traditional one, or even neo-traditional or bohemian. Try to stick to one theme for the entire house, even if the style of the furniture is different from one room to the other because the accessories and décor you choose will provide consistency and a stronger personality for your home. It will link everything together and make it all look more chic.

That’s it! 5 ways to add gold to your home and a whole lot of luxury!