6 quirky, handcrafted serving bowls you need now

Train inspired quirky snack serving plate from Home Box

A sneak peek at our favourites from the new Indie Vibe collection. #ServeYourImagination

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How to get your living room ready for summer

You know you’re going to spend a lot of time in there, so why not make it perfect?

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4 essentials you need for your home this Ramadan

Ramadan essential decor lanterns and mirros

You can’t do without lanterns or coffee sets, but have you considered a beverage dispenser? Or a larger dining table?

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How to choose lighting for your home

Chandeliers, table lamps and floor lamps

How can you layer light? Which light works best for a study? How do you create a dramatic ambience? All this and more, in this post.

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5 ways to add gold to your home

This week in Unboxing Colour, we explore how you can incorporate this hue into your home without going OTT!

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One sofa, three ways!

In this series, we’ll create different looks around a signature product. First up, the Royal sofa.

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5 ways to add turquoise in your home

Today in our Unboxing Colour series, we talk about sofas, cushions, glass lamps and much more in this classic hue.

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How to set the perfect dinner table

You’ve got RSVPs and organised the menu. But have you planned your table placement?

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