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How to find your next mattress

Did you know? Bad mattresses are one of the top three reasons for insufficient sleep.

Think of your sleep as a jigsaw puzzle! And your mattress is that vital missing piece. Just as you wouldn't force the wrong puzzle piece into place, you shouldn't settle for the wrong mattress. 

At Home Box, we take your sleep seriously. With our extensive mattress collection, we've got all your needs covered, from budget considerations to material preferences and even your unique sleep position. You can choose from king, kids, or queen size mattresses on a budget. 

Picture it as a treasure trove of comfort, where your ideal mattress awaits discovery. We know that choosing the perfect mattress can feel like a daunting quest. 

Let's simplify the process for you. We're here with essential tips to help you choose that PERFECT bed mattress. 


1) Firmness matters: 

Firmness tells you a mattress's level of hardness or softness. It's also about aligning that feeling with your unique sleep position & preferences. 

If you go the traditional route, you will find up to 7 different firmness levels. Who has the time & energy to learn about them? 

We have made it easier for you with just three firmness levels: Soft, Firm, and Medium Firm. 

Let's look at each one of them in detail.

  1. Soft mattresses

Soft mattresses online

Crafted with thick comfort layers of materials like memory foam and latex, soft mattresses cradle your body, offering a cocoon-like sensation that melts away the day's stresses. If you seek plush comfort, then these mattresses are tailor-made for you. 

Ideal for: Side sleepers who crave that perfect blend of support and indulgent softness.


  1. Medium Firm

Medium firmness mattresses are like the versatile actors of the mattress world – appealing to a broad audience with their balanced performance. These mattresses offer moderate support with less sinkage compared to their softer counterparts. They strike a harmonious balance between comfort and support. These options also last longer than soft mattresses. 

Ideal for: Back sleepers or those who don't have a fixed sleeping position. 


  1. Firm mattresses 

Firm mattresses online

Firm mattresses offer a different kind of magic to your sleep experience. These models are known for their thinner comfort layers that don't snuggle up too closely to your body. You enjoy uninterrupted, refreshing sleep, as they don't trap body heat. These mattresses are crafted with sturdier materials, minimising wear & tear. 

Ideal for: Stomach sleepers who require firm support. 


2) The right spring for you: Bonnell or pocket?

The spring mattresses comprise dozens to hundreds of metal springs that form the backbone of your sleep support system.

Talking about the benefits, they offer the necessary bounce to enhance your sleeping experience. The kids love to sleep & jump on bouncy mattresses. 

Additionally, spring mattresses provide better air circulation than many other mattress types. This means you stay cool & comfy throughout the night. 

Another significant advantage is their ability to decrease pressure points, relieving those troubled by discomfort during sleep. 

Now that we have discussed spring mattresses' major benefits, it's time to delve into its two major types.

1. Bonnell spring: Bonnell spring mattress is the OG spring mattress. It's got springs that are all connected with metal wires, making it feel pretty firm. It's tough and budget-friendly. So, if you're all about durability without breaking the bank, the Bonnell spring mattress is your option. 

But here's the catch: it's like a trampoline at times. When your partner moves on one side, you might feel it on your side too. Not ideal if you're a light sleeper. The good part is that it's easy on your pocket. 

Bonnell spring mattresses online


2. Pocket spring: Pocket springs are like the superheroes of the mattress world. Imagine springs individually wrapped in cosy pockets of cotton or other materials, each working its magic independently. The result? Zero disturbance when your partner decides to toss & turn while sleeping. This level of luxury & convenience might come at a slightly higher price point. But after uninterrupted sleep and premium support, pocket spring mattresses are worth every buck. 

Pocket spring mattresses online


3) Gel or memory foam: What's your choice?

Foam mattresses are the cool cats of the mattress world. They don't rely on springs. Instead, they use specially designed foam that traps air, offering a unique blend of support and bounce.

Every foam variant moulds itself to match the contours of your head and neck, providing the personalized support you crave. Although the traditional designs were firm, the modern ones come in different levels of firmness. You can choose from soft to firm as per your comfort – something we've discussed above. Let's shed some light on the two major types of foam mattresses:

  1. Memory foam mattress 

Memory foam mattresses

It starts as polyurethane foam and then gets a magical makeover with a dash of chemistry. This makeover increases its density and viscosity, turning it into a superstar in the comfort department. When you lie down, the memory foam mattress conforms to your unique shape, offering the right cushion & support. It's like a warm hug for your entire body. You also get personalised pressure-point relief, so those achy joints and muscles can finally relax. Compared to a gel foam option, it's economical. 

  1. Gel foam mattress

Gel foam mattress onilne

A gel foam mattress is an advanced version of a memory foam mattress. The makers either add gel beads to the foam or gel on the top layers of a mattress. It's as cool as it sounds, literally! As memory foam conforms to your body, the cooling gel steps in to regulate temperature. It prevents heat buildup, ensuring you stay comfortably cool throughout the night. Compared to a regular memory foam mattress, this option bounces back to its original shape quicker. And you need to spend a little extra to enjoy its benefits. 


Other things to keep in mind:

Warranty: Check the warranty duration before ordering the mattress. A good option comes with at least 5 years of manufacturer's warranty. You will also find some products with up to 15 years of warranty.

Mattress size: What if the mattress you've ordered is smaller or bigger than your bed? First, measure your bed and then ensure the width and depth of the mattress match it. The details are on the product page of the mattress you're considering. 

Anti-allergenic properties: Many mattresses on our portal come with anti-allergenic & antibacterial properties. Again, the details are on the product. When you choose such mattresses, you can be sure you and your family are safe. 


Mattresses from Home Box

The Home Box app & website house an enormous range of mattresses with all the properties mentioned above. The best part is you get your mattresses at a fraction of what the market offers. And there are some options to meet your specific needs. 

Our favourite is the foldable mattress that's travel-friendly and also suitable for your guests. We also give you a chance to customise the size of your mattress.

You can filter out the mattresses that suit your desired thickness with a single click. And if you're on the quest for a mattress topper, Home Box is your go-to destination. 

So, are you ready to enter the dreamland? Here's the key: