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How to get ready for Iftar

This time of the year, we all love to host and attend Iftars. Chances are, you’ve got it all sorted, but it’s not surprising if you feel a little overwhelmed if you’re putting together a big meal for friends and family. We’ve got some recommendations that will help you get through it easier.     


Dining table set for iftar


1. Get the right cookware

Even if you already have a well-equipped kitchen, hosting requires that little extra. For instance, iftars mean you invite more people, and more people means you’ll need cookware that is equipped for larger quantities. You’ll also need more pots and speciality implements for all those elaborate recipes you only prepare at this special time. Let’s face it, in the rush of preparation no one’s got time to keep washing up and re-using the same pots and pans. And oh, don’t forget bakeware for your desserts. Your guests will thank you!


Baking tray with chocolate muffins


2. Think about table settings 

Once you’re done cooking, make sure your delicious treats get the right setting. You can opt for a sit-down dinner, or a more relaxed buffet style meal. Either way, you’ll need pretty table linen and napkins to start with. For a sit-down dinner, you’ll need place mats as well.


Gold patterned table mats for iftar


Now’s the time to pull out all the stops in terms of table décor. That means beautiful centerpieces and flower arrangements. Try placing a runner down the length of the table, and arrange lanterns, candles or flowers on it.  

3. You need serveware!

Preferably a dinner set, but make sure you also invest in pretty serving bowls and dishes. Keep in it classic in fine china or rustic with hammered metal. Pro tip: get a pretty cake stand for your desserts!


Covered serving dish for iftar parties


Finally, ensure you have enough clean cutlery and glassware

4. Always keep food warm

You don’t want to spend too much time in the kitchen when guests arrive, which is why a food warmer will come in handy. These options are so pretty, you can place directly them directly on your dining table or sideboard. 


Metal food warmer dish for parties


5. Share dishes with friends  

A big part of iftar is sharing the delicacies you make. Make sure you have stacks of containers ready to pass on to your friends and neighbours. Container sets are a good idea, and you can even use them to store the leftovers of your large meals.

Here's wishing you all a fulfilling and peaceful holy month! And if there's something else on your must-have list of Iftar prep, why not take a look at all our dining and kitchen recommendations?