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One sofa, three ways!

We’ve seen army green, olive green, moss green and similar deep, earthy greens make a comeback this year, and they’re expected to be very popular over the next few seasons. While we have several green sofas here at Home Box to choose from, we personally love the Royal two-seater sofa in green. The design is a classic with simple lines, armrests and sturdy, modern legs, but the tufted back and seating as well as the luxurious fabric and colour make it quite a statement piece. Now, you could buy the full set by picking up the Royal 3-seater and single-seater, but we’ve got some thoughts on how you could take your décor to the next level.

Ta-da – here are our 3 looks featuring the Royal 3-seater sofa.

1. Glam Gold - bling it on 


Green sofa with gold decor


The jewel tones of this sofa just scream to be matched with metallics, and here we’ve gone for gold. Specifically, textured gold to prevent the look from becoming too blingy or tasteless. Think hammered vases, a neutral-verging-on-gold rug, green or cream with gold details and you get the picture.

Coffee table


Rug, similar here

Vases, similar here


2. That 70s show - the 70s inspired rust palette


Seventies style decor with rust palette


The seventies were all about suede, leather, browns, mustards and bold print. There’s something about this earthy green and the soft fabric that reminds us of those psychedelic prints and Volkswagen buses. So we went with a geometric cushion and rug in 70s browns and rusts. You could even throw in a brown leatherette ottoman.

To tone down the look and make it work for 2019, we suggest going neutral with the curtains and the coffee table – just ensure it has mid-century modern lines as a nod to the era of vinyl and Formica. Lastly, we recommend picking a large abstract work of art to pull it all together. 

Curtains, similar here  

Rugs, similar here

Coffee table

Cushions, similar here



3. Earth and Sea - complementing green with blue


Sea blue and mint matched with a green sofa


Green and blue are complementary shades on the colour-wheel, and we think this combo is evergreen, if you’ll excuse the pun. To go with the jewel tones of the green, we selected rich blues, and even a hint of dark teal. We then chose off-white as our third colour, to add more depth to the entire look.

We also grabbed a few potted succulents, trays and décor objects - we made it a point to pick finishes that were matte and earthy. We stayed away from anything overly nautical to prevent it from being cheesy or costume-y – but that round mirror looks like the porthole of a ship, don’t you think?

Cushions, similar here  


Table, similar here

Mirror, similar here  

Succulents, similar here  

There you go – hope you like these looks. Why don’t you have a go experimenting to see what products work best with the Royal 2-seater sofa?