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5 smart storage ideas for small spaces

A little while ago, we read Marie Kondo’s amazing book about de-cluttering one’s life, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up. While this has inspired us to work towards editing and minimizing our possessions, we’re a long way from achieving that perfection. Think of the number of things we each own – clothes, books, electronic devices, makeup, shoes (tons of those), bags, laundry, medicines, groceries, kitchen utensils, and it’s a miracle we find the place to sit, sleep and entertain in our homes. And this is not merely a small-space issue – even when we move to larger spaces, our belongings seem to expand. So what can we do to keep the clutter at bay or at least out of sight?


1. Get furniture with built-in storage

And we don’t just mean cupboards, but clever multipurpose pieces like storage sofas and storage beds. These look like your regular sofas or beds, but come with concealed drawers that allow you to tuck your belongings away out of sight. 

Sofa cum bed with storage


Quite simply, look at every piece of furniture for its storage potential. Ideally, everything you buy should serve an aesthetic and functional purpose. Which means you pick TV units, dressers and even coffee tables that have at least a couple of drawers. Buffets and sideboards are a great way to add additional storage and style to a space. Shoe racks are a must in any home and they can double as a great entryway display, with a tray placed on top as a catch-all for keys and spare change. 


2. Invest in tons of storage boxes 

From utilitarian plastic storage boxes for the kitchen to stylish wicker and cloth boxes for your living and bedroom, you need these to tuck those odds and ends out of sight. Stylish storage boxes can be neatly arranged on open shelves to reduce clutter, while plastic boxes are perfect for things you want to hide away, like stationery (those crayons your kids love to leave around) and toys. Boxes are great to organize your lingerie and those pesky socks that always seem to get lost in your dresser. Get drawer organizers for your jewellery and even for your kitchen.

Storage boxes in wicker


3. Try off-the-wall storage ideas 

When space is scarce, think vertical. Make use of your walls to free up space on the ground. Wall units are great, but wall cubes and wall shelves are also a smart way to create additional storage. Of course, floating shelves work best if you have pretty knick-knacks to display, but they can be functional too. Those storage boxes we mentioned earlier? Just throw in all the things you don’t want visible and arrange the boxes, as pretty as you please. 


4. Make use of corners and passages

Corner stands and single-door wardrobes are the way to go! They’re light on the eye but pack adequate storage and will snugly fit into those little spaces. If you have corridors, place sideboards or storage benches along the length to create more storage. You can also utilize the walls as mentioned earlier.

Dresser with drawers for storage


5. When in doubt, hook it up

Belts, scarves and other odds and ends can be tacked up on doorways and cupboards. You can use hooks to hang organisers or shoe bags and hangers. 

To prevent clutter from piling up, have a designated space for every object in your home, and make sure you keep things back immediately after use. If you leave things lying around, it will add to the visual clutter and make your space look a whole lot smaller. 

So go forth and put away your things using these smart storage ideas. Happy de-cluttering and organizing!