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6 quirky, handcrafted serving bowls you need now

Getting together with friends? Then we’re happy to help you throw a memorable do. What could be better than these haute serveware picks! Handcrafted by skilled artisans in India, the Indie Vibe collection reimagines everyday objects in creative ways.



1. All aboard for snacks!

With this cool server, you'll be on chugging on the right track. Take your guests on a journey of taste and fun!


Handcrafted train engine


2. Taste makes the world go around

And so it should! Ferris-wheel shaped snack holders will make sure they do! These serving bowls are perfect for chip-and-dip or veggie crudités.


Ferris wheel inspired chip and dip serveware


3. See what we’ve dug up

These quirky hammered copper serving trays will prove that you have creativity in spades! Plus, the broad handles will help you manoeuver them easily.


Hammered brass serveware in the shape of shovels


4. Wheel out your signature dishes 

Serve your delicacies in a bicycle, tricycle or handcart! Your guests are sure to snap up all the snacks you're peddling. 


Metal tricycle shaped serveware for snacks


5. Your food needs (an) iron

Closed, it looks like any traditional coal-burning iron. Open it up, and you’ll reveal a new sort of fuel within.


Wood and metal vintage iron used as serveware


6. More quirks 

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to The Indie Vibe Collection. There are over 20 great bespoke designs you can choose from, and each one is a conversation piece. 

And of course, all this serveware is also easy to maintain. Remove detachable portions and wash with a mild cleaning liquid, using just a sponge. Avoid anything harsh to prevent stripping finer finishes.