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6 kitchen tools for easy-peasy cooking

Are you a master chef whipping up delicacies? Or a lazy cook looking to cut corners? Either way, these handy gadgets simplify your prep a whole lot.


An assortment of kitchen prep tools


1. Apple cutter

Still cutting apples the old-fashioned way, with a knife using careful strokes? Try this neat gadget.


Apple cutter


Place your apple upright on a chopping board and position the apple cutter so that its centre is directly above the apple’s. Then, holding each side of the cutter, gently push down through to the bottom of the fruit. The apple will separate in neat slices from the core. Think how many you can get done, and how fast! It’s as easy as apple pie.

2. Mesh basket

This is how we rinse peas or drain rice without losing half the quantity down the drain. Mesh baskets are also perfect for drying produce.


Mesh wire basket to drain veggies


Just toss in wet (or frozen) veggies and let the water drain away. A third use for this basket could be to store the veggies you wouldn’t normally keep in the fridge, such as onions and garlic. We like this version as it comes with a tight lid.

3. Garlic press

Did you know that the finer you chop garlic, the more its flavour intensifies? This is because more oils and Sulphur compounds are released. However well you’re able to chop with just a knife, nothing beats a garlic press for a truly fine mince. Simply peel the garlic cloves and place them one by one and press the handles down each time. The press doesn’t just give you better mince, it allows you to get through a larger quantity of garlic faster.

4. Ice-cream scoop

Psst… what’s that hiding in your freezer? Never fear, this handy little kitchen gadget is here to help you enjoy a scoop - or ten - of your favourite chocolate chip or salted caramel flavour.


Ice cream scoop


This ice-cream scoop features a hollowed design that allows you dig out ice-cream faster, and an ergonomic handle that you can grip better.

5. Basting brush

You know that step in a recipe that goes ‘apply marinade evenly’ or ‘glaze surface with oil’? Well, that’s where a brush comes in handy. You can use a traditional basting brush with synthetic bristles or this one with silicon bristles, which is better for thicker oils and marinades. Just a few things to remember however – do not use synthetic bristles with extremely hot ingredients and make sure you stock separate brushes for savoury and sweet preparations.

6. Measuring spoon set

Sure, you’ve got tablespoons and teaspoons – but are you confident you can measure out a quarter teaspoon exactly? Many recipes call for that degree of accuracy, particularly if you’re baking desserts. Invest in this set of measuring spoons and you’re good to go. Just make sure your spoons are always level.